The tale of Zante’s fish market.

The tale of Zante’s fish market.

K. hates me for this. I made him get up at 6 a.m. so we could go to Zante’s port and visit the fish market.

I wanted to see everything that The Mediterranean Sea has to offer. And I did, oh yes I did.

Crabs. Fish. Spiny lobsters. Octopuses. Swordfish. Squids.

Everything was fresh, sold straight from the fishing boat.

Just as we had decided to leave, a fisherman approached one of the boats. He took one crab by the leg and one spiny lobster under his arm and left. It all looked so hilarious as he was walking down the street! Sorry for the quality of the photograph, I didn’t have time to change the lens stop, and I wanted to catch the moment.

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