The tale of Vienna.

The tale of Vienna.

When in Vienna, you should visit three places.

The Schönbrunn Palace where we:
got lost in a labyrinth
learnt a lot about the Habsburg dynasty (really interesting!)
got another sunstroke (me again, hell yeah!)
strolled around beautiful gardens
took part in a food show (a very nice young man taught us how to prepare ‘Apfelstrudel’ and we had a chance to try some – K. ate my piece).

The zoo where we:
watched animals
and laughed a lot (visit the koala bear and you will know why!).

The Hundertwasser Village where we:
couldn’t stop staring!
curves everywhere!
the Austrian version of Gaudi is definitely worth attention.

And this would be the end of our eurotrip.
Can’t wait for the next year.

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