The tale of vegan paradise.

The tale of vegan paradise.

We’ve been to Berlin countless times before, either for shopping or concerts. We never really had the chance (or time) to see the city as tourists.

So this long weekend we decided to indulge ourselves a little. We packed our backpacks, booked a room in a hotel and bought a Berlin Welcome Card.

There was one more tiny detail to the trip. It was supposed to be fully vegan. I’ve been leaning towards veganism for the past couple of months so it was a natural choice.

And to tell you the truth… it was the best food experience abroad. EVER.  Even K. became vegan for 4 days (though you should’ve seen his face when he got his coffee served with oat milk – a truly kodak moment!).

We’ve been to a couple of places, but we liked 3 of them the most:

  • ‘Thai Park’ (Preußenpark, Brandenburgische Str., 10707 Berlin), which is a meeting place for Thai families and friends, where you can get authentic Thai food cooked on the spot. We ate our Pad Thai on the grass, watching other people enjoy their lazy Sunday. Amazing experience, and totally recommended!
  • Brammibal’s Donuts (Maybachufer 8, 12047 Berlin) – a place where everything is vegan (even my husband’s favourite oat milk coffee ;P). Very friendly staff, great food and donuts to die for. Our favourite flavours were cinnamon sugar, rosemary lemon and bergamot lavender. We also had breakfast at Brammibal’s twice – french toasts, hummus sandwiches and a breakfast plate were all great, though the last-mentioned was real killer.
  • Goodies (Warschauer Str. 33, 10243 Berlin) – it looked like vegan fast food, though it felt nothing like eating fast food. We were really hungry and tired after spending the whole day on a boat on the Spree River, so we decided to eat in a bar next to Veganz (before doing shopping). We stuffed our mouths with the Ali Baba Wrap – OMG, the beetroot thing inside the wrap was amazing – and an iced latte (with rice milk to my husband’s relief :P).

When it comes to doing shopping, we visited only two places (as I made a list of the things I needed before the trip):

  • Veganz (Warschauer Str. 33, 10243 Berlin) – the first vegan chain shop on our continent. They have virtually anything you can think of. Great place for buying vegan sweets (especially jellybeans and milk chocolate), all kinds of vegetable milk and cream, and TOFURKY <3
  • DM – drogerie markt – where I buy all the cosmetic products I can’t easily get in Poland, I stocked up on my favourite products from Lavera and Alverde, I think I’m covered until Christmas.


I’ve already made a list of new vegan adventures awaiting in Berlin and can’t wait to go back.

P.s. K. survived the whole experiment, he’s alive and kicking. However, the moment he set foot in our kitchen, he kissed the coffee machine and hugged the milk carton – ‘the real deal’ as he said 😉 Guess he’s not going vegan any time soon!

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