The tale of third time lucky in Dubrovnik.

The tale of third time lucky in Dubrovnik.

A conversation we had, sitting with a glass of Prosek and a sea view in the evening:

M: I know this is actually asking a lot, and that it’s a long way, and we’ve been there twice already, and I photographed everything there was to be photographed, and touched all the walls, and sat on every bench, and ate ice-cream from all the parlours, but, love, can you take me to Dubrovnik?

K: Yeah, sure.

And at that particular moment I knew I married the right person. I love that he loves travelling.

At the end we didn’t spend a lot of time in Dubrovnik, we found a ferry that took us to Lokrum – a small island just 600m away from the mainland.

Rabbits and peacocks were all I needed. Seriously.

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