The tale of the bluest water.

The tale of the bluest water.

Since it’s been our third time in Croatia, we decided to visit some completely new places, and the park was one of them.

Nacionalni park “Krka” is a great competition for its larger and more popular cousin -Plitvickie Jezera.

There are two entrances to the park, Lozovac and Skradin – we took the latter one.

When you park your car in Skradin you have two choices – either you walk to the park on foot (about 4km) or you take a boat (the price is included in the ticket). We arrived really early (just after eight in the morning), so there was no boat, we had to walk.

Going on foot was an excellent idea – the road was picturesque, birds were singing, and there was NOBODY, literally NOBODY, in the park.

We reached the entrance just before nine. And again, the protected part of the park was virtually empty – a few people wandering here and there, food stalls and restaurants still closed.

We had a perfect opportunity to see everything without the crowds in high season.

It was so peaceful…

In one of the last photos you can see the regular crowds that ‘attack’ the park just after eleven. It was horrible! So we took the boat back home as quickly as it was possible.


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