The tale of pandemic postcards.

The tale of pandemic postcards.

PART 1 – the lockdown.

Most people got it bad when we went into lockdown. Loneliness, isolation and general panic (no toilet paper in the shops will, apparently, turn you into some kind of a crazy monster) spread in the blink of an eye.

But not me. I was thriving. Being an extreme introvert has its benefits during times like this. The only thing that hit me hard was the necessity to close my business for three months, but you can’t have it all.

Apart from the work thing, I stayed at home and…

Turned my balcony into a jungle

Cooked like crazy

Played the guitar with Furia (our bunny we adopted two years ago and I have never shown here before)

Read way too many books

Watched way too many tv series

Spent hours just swaying in the hammock

Slept on the grass in the garden

Watched sunsets and sunrises

And grew beetroots from beetroots (yes, that’s a thing)

PART 2 – the holiday break.

When you spend so much time at home doing nothing (or only pleasant things), you need to have a rest, a holiday from holiday.

Many people said it was crazy to travel during the pandemic. But was it really? Is the virus different anywhere else? Have the safety measures changed? It was all the same everywhere.

So we got into the car and went to our favourite spot in Croatia. Where I cooked (so no holiday here), spent most of my time on secluded beaches (yes, you can find those if you know where to look), and drank too much wine (continued doing so when we got back to Poland).

We wore our masks (like the responsible people we are, most of the time), washed our hands and avoided people (people ain’t no good in general, not only during the pandemic).

Nothing happened. And we came back home relaxed, ready to open the business and face the situation once again.

PART 3 – the second holiday.

We had to leave Furia with my parents for the Croatian part of our holiday. But as soon as we got back to Poland we took her to the seaside for a camping getaway.

It was her first time on the beach, and she seemed fascinated by everything, digging in the sand, watching sunsets, eating bananas and being the most spoilt bunny in the world.

And I cooked. And drank the wine we brought from Croatia.

We had a blast.

P.s. Photos of me taken by K. As usual.

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