The tale of it’s-got-it-all island.

The tale of it’s-got-it-all island.

I thought I would never write anything here again, and it’s not just that we don’t travel. We do travel, I do take photos, but I’ve switched over to instagram and neglected this place a lot.

So let’s try this again.

Tenerife is a place we visited over a year ago. We’ve never been to any of the Canary Islands, so we gave it a go and it was surprisingly good.

As experienced introverted travellers, we chose to live in the north of the island with the natives (as far from the holiday resorts as possible). We found a nice camping at a banana/flower plantation – no tourists, peace and quiet.

Tenerife has got it all. Natural swimming pools. A volcano. A gorge. Amazing coast. Small villages where life goes by really slowly.

And if you’re tired of sightseeing you can always sit at a local bar, drink a sangria, or barraquito (very special type of coffee served on the island), eat some churros and stare at the water. It’s really up to you.

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