The tale of Canadian cities.

The tale of Canadian cities.

We visited the east of Canada, so the big cities we had the chance to see were Toronto, Ottawa (just a few hours, though), Montreal, and Quebec City.

Toronto and Ottawa are in the English-speaking part of the country, whereas Montreal and Quebec City are in the French-speaking one.

Speaking/understanding French was much more fun than we expected and we loved almost every second of it (especially the hand waving part).

Each of these cities is unique in terms of architecture and food, but the link between them is definitely the people. Everywhere you go, everyone is smiling, friendly and ready to help –  including inviting you to their house, cooking for you and taking you around the city to show you everything it has to offer.

I’m in love with Canada, maple syrup and pancakes. ‘Poutine’ is a no no.

And that’s just the beginning of it. Wait till you see what nature has to offer.

P.s. When I was writing this post, the American ambassador in Poland confirmed visa-free travels to the USA for Polish citizens. Yogi Bear, I’m coming.

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