The tale of an idyll.

The tale of an idyll.

No more than 40 km away from Szczecin we found a piece of paradise.
Actually, two pieces 😉

Włodkowice – an animal farm with deer, boars, rabbits, horses and goats. A place where we were given home-made cheese, fresh milk and eggs. A place where we cycled through forests just to get to tiny, hidden lakes. A place where we got lost in bird singing and fell asleep on a big wooden swing countless times.

Osuch by the Tywa River – an old watermill. A place where you can expect grass snakes everywhere (I had a heart attack every five minutes seeing snakes in the grass, in the lake, on the road). A place where Whiskey the Dog greets you wagging her tail. A place where you enjoy the silence. And finally, a place where you feel like doing nothing but reading on the terrace by the river or falling asleep (yes, we’re kind of experts on the matter).

Two perfect weekends. Can’t wait for more countryside experience!

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